Day 10-13 /91

Days 10-13 were a bit overwhelming and I took a bit of a break from all social activities including posting here and hot yoga. I had other things to focus on: work and getting my house ready for being listed. I find it’s so much easier for me to keep doing what I’m doing when I am in the routine but as soon as I have one bad (or missed, unproductive) day, it’s harder to get back into it again.

What I learnt from the past few days: I should try and follow my routine as closely as possible in order for the rest of my day to flow well. I was out of my routine a bit this week due to working from home and obviously being distracted by other priorities and that’s another goal: to try and prioritize things. Hot yoga is an activity that happens in the evenings so I want to start planning a productive morning routine (something that I am terribly lacking and very much affected by), so that even if other things come up in the evening, I still had another time of the day where I took out time to focus solely on myself.

Anyways, everyone has ups and downs. That’s what this 91 days is for me, to track my ups and downs and to keep working towards lifting myself up again. The rest of this time period is going to be a bit difficult in managing everything: work (there’s always a lot going on) and now add in external changes (moving to a new home), plus all the added stress of the coronavirus plus a terrible accident that I had with Mayhem today 😦 there is just a lot to do and manage but this is the life of everybody I know. We just got to do the best that we can with the time that we have and that’s exactly what I am going to try and do – starting with trying to make my mornings as productive as possible (and I will most definitely have to cut on my sleep in order to fit everything in).

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