Week 1 Reflection

So today concludes week 1 of my 91 day challenge. It was overall a good week. I managed to stay positive, for majority of the week. I was able to go for hot yoga 5/7 days and walked Mayhem for most of the days also. I ate mostly healthy and cooked the majority of my own food. I listened to kirtan during most of my car rides which helps with the overall happiness and positivity of my day. Of course, there are a lot of things I didn’t do but honestly, I am taking a different approach to life and focusing on the positives rather than the negatives. This is my way to give love and appreciation to myself which I have realized is so important. If I can’t love and appreciate myself for the things I am doing, and instead choose to be critical of myself for the things I am not doing then how will I ever be able to give love to others? That’s my new philosophy. Kindness and love to myself first which I truly believe helps to open up my heart more for everyone around me as well. 

I have put myself down way too much in the past because I wasn’t meeting my own ridiculous expectations. I’m now in the mindset of enjoying the journey, as I continuously set goals and work on accomplishing them and getting better each day, week, month, year etc. rather than thinking I need to get there right away. How could that actually be possible… what was I even thinking! The whole purpose of life is to work on bettering yourself everyday which I am now beginning to understand and appreciate. If we had nothing to improve, and were already exactly where we wanted to be then what would really be the point of life and what would there be to work towards? I’ve really started to enjoy life as a journey – a journey in which I am kind to myself and living with intention towards a healthier, happier, more purposeful and productive life. I am thankful and grateful for this new way of thinking. 

This isn’t something that happened for me quickly. It took a lot of time. Honestly speaking, it’s been a couple of years. I started wanting to live my life different when I was 24. My 25thbirthday was coming up and turning 25 was a huge deal for me because towards that number, life just started feeling like it’s moving very fast and I started questioning myself about life’s purpose. When I was younger, I had a completely different mindset, obviously and didn’t feel like life was slipping away and honestly didn’t have time to think about my ‘purpose’ because there was always something to be done and one phase of life always led to the other. There was school (from kindergarten and the way until high school), lots of different part time and summer jobs, university, internship, work… And then all of a sudden I was married and turning 25 and I’m like what am I really doing? I felt very lost and upset because deep down I knew that I’m not living purposefully. The path was layed out so clearly before this and all of a sudden I felt isolated, lost, disconnected and really started questioning myself – thank goodness for being blessed with a mind that thinks deeper about life and life’s purpose. And that’s kind of how I got to where I am today. A year passed by with the same feelings of wanting change but not really making the progress that I wanted. That’s how/when I came up with Jasdeep’s journey because I knew I needed a platform to help me to fulfill my own purpose. And that’s what this 91 day challenge is about. Things I have started actively pursuing now are things I have wanted for the past 2.5 years but couldn’t really figure out a way to make happen.

I was 24 years old when I started wanting to make a change in my life and by the time this challenge comes to an end, I will start the 27thyear of life – that’s the true motivation behind the 91 day challenge. It took a lot of time to really figure out a way to start living in a way that I knew I wanted and needed since then. The thought was there but It took this long to come up with an approach and I am SO grateful to have evolved to  the person I am today and really looking forward to this challenge and seeing how much of a change I am able to bring about before my 27thbirthday. I am hoping to keep documenting my journey – not only for myself but for anyone who this may be helpful for. It wasn’t easy for me to make this decision to be open with my life and my struggles and opinions but I feel that if I am doing the work for myself and there is a chance it can be helpful to anyone else, than I am going to take the chance. Thank you for reading and I will be back soon. 

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