Day 9/91

I worked on fixing my daily routine list (for M-F) from last week and I think I have it pretty much finalized now. There are a total of 45 things on it. Today, so far, I checked off 20 items. That’s 44%. I will come back and update this percentage tomorrow because I still have a few more things that I will do before I go to bed. For this week, I am going to: 

  • Continue to focus on healthy eating, daily walks, daily hot yoga (which I have kind of been successful in doing for a good while now) 
  • Begin to make meditation and gurbani more of a priority in my daily routine
  • Try to add in some new forms of exercise in the mornings for this week
  • Properly track the percentage of my daily routine that I am able to accomplish each day and try and do a little bit better with each day. 

That’s about it for this week’s goals. It’s a lot but it’s nice to have so much positives to look forward to and keep myself motivated and occupied with. I used to spend a lot of my after-work evenings on Netflix, mostly watching friends, and I neglected to do these basic daily things which are way more important than tv. I am now getting in the habit of spending all my time on trying to make my days more productive and focusing on living a healthier, happier and more purposeful life through taking care of my physical, emotional, mental & spiritual wellbeing. This is something I have really wanted for a while and tried multiple times, but always got sucked back into being less productive. It takes an ongoing effort to live positively and purposefully and I am so thankful and grateful to have been blessed with this positive and deeper way of thinking about life and living purposefully.

Daily Exercise & Fitness Journal

So it’s Monday today: a fresh new day and week. I went for my usual two back-to-back hot yoga sessions. The first session wasn’t the greatest today because I couldn’t keep up since I didn’t plan my day well. I had a late lunch and it’s never fun to do any kind of exercise after eating so in the future in this kind of situation, I will make a decision to skip the session rather than what I tried to put myself through today (although I ended up napping during the last 30 mins of the first session – because in the end I chose to listen to my body 🙂 It was a really great nap btw – something about the dark and hot room, while the peaceful yoga music is playing makes it so easy to relax and just let go of everything. It was very peaceful and so worth it). The second session, yin yoga, was awesome as always. I love stretching and I am getting better! That’s about it for physical activity today. I really am going to try harder to fit in a morning exercise routine tomorrow because I do want to start supplementing yoga (which is now fully engraved into my routine) with some additional forms of exercise. I’ll take Mayhem for a walk soon – he kind of expects it now and won’t stop whining until he gets his way. I guess it’s a good thing 🙂

Daily Food Diary
Lemon water
Fresh Juice
Breakfast: Oats
Lunch: Rajma (kidney beans)
Dinner: Kale Salad
Absolutely no chocolates or sweets today and I really did focus on mindful eating, it was fun and all the food was delicious 🙂

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