Day 5, 6, 7 /91

Day 5, 6, 7

I didn’t create a separate post on day 5, as I updated my Daily Food Diary and Daily Exercise & Fitness Journal and I didn’t have much more to add for that day. 

Day 6 (yesterday) was a bit of a down day, so I didn’t check in here.

Today’s Day 7. This concludes the first week of my 91 day (13 week challenge). I will work on a reflection tomorrow.

Day 7

Daily Exercise & Fitness Journal
Started the day with a hot yoga session. It was a bit exhausting today as I woke up too late to make it for the 9:30 AM session and then I had to wait till 11 AM for the next session, by which time my body needed fuel but instead, due to not good enough planning, I went to the 11 AM yoga on an empty stomach and then felt too tired throughout the session. Hoping to be better prepared tomorrow. I am going to go walk Mayhem today, even if it’s for just 10 mins but I wanted to come check in on my blog first, since I also had to update my Daily Food Diary and Daily Exercise & Fitness Journal for both yesterday and today 🙂

Daily Food Diary 
Post-yoga: Chocolate milk
Lunch: Fried rice
After-work snack: 1 Aloo parantha with makhani + 1 homemade whole wheat carrot muffin
More chocolate milk (so addicted to my homemade chocolate milk!)
Dinner: Portabella mushroom buns burger

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