Day 3/91

Today was a successful day. I managed to:

  • Fit in a yoga session
  • Eat healthy at all meals (except for 2 treats, but I had a reason for celebration :))
  • All meals were either cooked by myself or my awesome mom
  • Stay positive and happy throughout the day, despite a stressful work day and week
  • Be kind and loving with no judgements, arguments, unkind words, bad feelings or thoughts… 

Who would’ve thought starting this 90 day challenge and sharing it here would bring out the best in me? 

I checked 15 things (so far) off my daily checklist out of approximately 51 things. Before I sleep, I will most likely check off another 7 things – that’s about 43% which is also better than yesterday! So far I’ve been making an improvement everyday and I am looking forward to each new day. I wish I can be blessed to live life like this consistently – where I continuously: look forward to improving myself everyday; take each day as a blessing; try my best to be positive despite any circumstances; keep connected with my spiritual self; keep myself productive in only useful/positive activities or daily chores and errands.

I didn’t manage to fit in a morning working – which is another intended goal. However, I managed to prioritize my nitnem (daily morning Sikh prayer) which is something that was very important to me but something I somehow got into the routine of skipping – which is the opposite of what nitnem stands for. For anyone that’s reading this and your mind is going towards judgement feelings towards me, please don’t take it there. It’s something I did (judged others for not doing their nitnem everyday), and then consequently, something I lost myself. If there is one lesson I’ve learn in Sikhism, it is to never ever judge and it’s something I have been trying my very best to live by ever since realizing the consequences of making judgements, not only towards others but also towards myself.

I’ve also been listening to kirtan everyday during all my car rides which I think also helps with keeping me positive and happy. One of my goals of this challenge is to reconnect with the Sikhi part of me – because as mentioned, recently (or longer), it has been something that I haven’t prioritized as much as other things. We all have ups and downs and things happen that change us. I’m looking forward to this journey towards positivity, connecting with God and with myself and as per my slogan: my journey to a healthier, happier & more purposeful life – physical, emotional, mental & spiritual wellness.

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