Day 2/91

Today was a successful day. I managed to:

  • fit in 2 yoga sessions
  • eat healthy at all meals
  • cook all my own meals 
  • be kind and loving to myself and others around me – no judgements, no arguments, no unkind words, no bad feelings or thoughts < 3
  • stay positive and happy throughout the day : )

I kind of run out of time to write everything I want to share because there is just so much to do! I have checked off 14 things from my checklist today but I realized that I need to readjust it before sharing it here and to really get a proper picture of what I am accomplishing because it’s a bit disorganized right now (some things are repeated multiple times during the day, etc.). Anyhow, before I sleep, I will probably manage to tick off another 4-5 more items this list, which will be about 37% which is higher than yesterday – which makes today successful 🙂

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