Daily Exercise & Fitness Journal

Day 1/91: It was Sunday and I spent the day getting organized for my 90 day challenge – I did not manage to fit in any form of exercise.

Day 2/91: It was Monday today – one of my favourite days of the week because 2 hot yoga sessions are offered on Mondays – one regular hot yoga and one hot yin yoga which is basically deep stretching. I occasionally try to fit both sessions in my schedule – and today was one of those days. I feeling absolutely AMAZING and can’t wait for tomorrow 🙂 Also ended up walking Mayhem for about 10 mins only though because the walk ways were super icy so it felt more like skating!

Day 3/91: Went for my usual hot yoga session immediately after work. It was another AMAZING session and left me feeling so happy. Yoga is an activity which allows me to give love to myself as I discover new and different poses that leave me feeling super happy, relaxed and adventurous. I am so excited with this one activity in my life and I always have something to look forward to the next day. I also managed to walk Mayhem for about 7-8 mins. I would have loved to walk more, but it was still way too icy. That’s about it physical activity for today. I’m hoping to fit in something in addition to yoga and walking tomorrow.

Day 4/91: Went for a hot yoga session right after work. This was my first Wednesday since a long time, as up till last week I was taking an evening course in Payroll which just ended. Today’s session was also super amazing!! I am having the best time ever and really enjoying the sessions. My stamina has increased and for the past couple days, I’ve been able to keep up with the entire workout. I’ve been sitting right next to the instructor which has helped me to not miss any poses because if I don’t understand the pose from the verbal cues, I just look up. I have discovered a few new poses these past 2 days, it’s so exciting!! 🙂 Other than yoga, I wasn’t able to fit any other activity in this morning. Maybe something tomorrow. I will definitely take Mayhem for a walk later this evening as yesterday, I made a promise to myself that no matter what, I will walk him everyday. I don’t care if I was super busy and the day has ended and now it’s midnight (or past) and I am completely exhausted, I will still do it – because otherwise I just end up feeling way too guilty and that makes skipping it in the first place just not worth it. Looking forward to tomorrow. 🙂

Day 5: Went for hot yoga today. It was kind of tough and I didn’t think I would be able to make it today since I ended up skipping a meal today. Anyhow, I was able to make it through the whole session without fainting. It was a great workout! I’ll also walk Mayhem later tonight 🙂

Day 6: This was sort of an off/down day for me and hence I was not on this blog on day 6. I skipped hot yoga – maybe a contributing factor for my low mood as I feel so mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually boosted on the days I do go for hot yoga – as it’s an activity that helps with all areas of wellness for me. I was a bit overwhelmed and tired at the end of the day – so didn’t even end up walking Mayhem – for which I didn’t even feel guilty for since it was pretty cold out and because my own mood was not so good.

Day 7: Started the day with a hot yoga session. It was a bit exhausting today as I woke up too late to make it for the 9:30 AM session and then I had to wait till 11 AM for the next session, by which time my body needed fuel but instead, due to not good enough planning, I went to the 11 AM yoga on an empty stomach and then felt too tired throughout the session. Hoping to be better prepared tomorrow. I am going to go walk Mayhem today, even if it’s for just 10 mins but I wanted to come check in on my blog first, since I also had to update my Daily Food Diary and Daily Exercise & Fitness Journal for both yesterday and today 🙂

Day 8: Today was Sunday (and my rest day)

Day 9: So it’s Monday today: a fresh new day and week. I went for my usual two back-to-back hot yoga sessions. The first session wasn’t the greatest today because I couldn’t keep up since I didn’t plan my day well. I had a late lunch and it’s never fun to do any kind of exercise after eating so in the future in this kind of situation, I will make a decision to skip the session rather than what I tried to put myself through today (although I ended up napping during the last 30 mins of the first session – because in the end I chose to listen to my body 🙂 It was a really great nap btw – something about the dark and hot room, while the peaceful yoga music is playing makes it so easy to relax and just let go of everything. It was very peaceful and so worth it). The second session, yin yoga, was awesome as always. I love stretching and I am getting better! That’s about it for physical activity today. I really am going to try harder to fit in a morning exercise routine tomorrow because I do want to start supplementing yoga (which is now fully engraved into my routine) with some additional forms of exercise. I’ll take Mayhem for a walk soon – he kind of expects it now and won’t stop whining until he gets his way. I guess it’s a good thing 🙂

Day 10-15: forgot to post in this part of my blog

Day 16: a Monday, and I was feeling energetic to challenge myself this week. I started the 3 week yoga retreat (and successfully completed week 1, day 1) and started clean week from beachbody on demand and successfully completed this also. Also, walked for about 30 mins.

Day 17: Although I am sore from being overly ambitious yesterday, I still managed to do Day 2 of the 3 week yoga retreat and I am hoping to also be able to fit in the clean week video before heading to bed today. Also, walked for about 20 mins today.

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