Day 1/91

Hi All, so today was Sunday and the first day of my 90 day challenge (it will actually end up being 91 days (13 weeks x 7 days= 91 days) – but 90 sounds better so I will stick with calling it that). I spent last night thinking about my challenge and working on my previous blog post so I didn’t really fall sleep until closer to 3 AM and hence I couldn’t get up today until much later around 10:30 AM today. I decided on a rest day so I can be better prepared and energized for my week ahead. I want to look at this challenge 1 week at a time. I like to look at Mondays as the 1stday of the week and Sundays as the last day of the week. So today really was a bonus day in that sense as well – since it’s Sunday. I want to take it just 1 day and 1 week at a time because I do not want to get overwhelmed by this.

For this first week ahead, these are some of my goals:

  • I want to cook as much of my own meals as possible (and eat healthy) except 2X in 1 week I am allowing myself to eat pizza because I love pizza a LOT and do not want to deprive myself of this simple life’s pleasure Jbut I will give myself bonus points for skipping this in the case that ends up happing
  • I want to consistently go to hot yoga, atleast 5-6 days in the week 
  • I want to add in a morning workout – just something to really wake me up in the morning 5/7 days – this can be a cycling class at the gym or a home beach body workout or a previous personal training session for 30 mins
  • I want to follow as much of my own routine that I made for myself as possible (I will share more about this later)
  • I want to focus on my nitnem, gurbani, kirtan – I really want to try to reconnect with this part of myself again
  • I want to try one new thing a week: an activity, food, recipe etc.
  • I want to keep happy 😊😊😊
  • I want to be kind to everyone – more specifically, practice love to myself and all those around me always
  • I want to focus on my blog
  • I want to walk Mayhem everyday

That’s basically it for now! All of these things are already in my daily routine checklist (something I will write about shortly – so much to share but so very little time!). These are things I really think I should be doing anyways but I don’t and I feel bad for not doing them so it’s really time for change. I have been focusing on self-improvement for quite a while but this time I am ready to take it to another level with self-reflection everyday as I think that will really help to assess my progress.

I made a daily checklist (as mentioned – a topic I will provide more detail about in another blog post). My weekday checklist includes 51 items and weekend checklist includes 48 items. So far, I did 12/48 things today. That’s about 25%. I am quite happy with myself because as I mentioned yesterday, this is my challenge, and there are no judgements and no rules. What counts is effort and making consistent progress. I know I am exactly where I am supposed to be and the point of this challenge is not to be perfect on day 1. The point is to get simply get closer to my goals by the end of the challenge. I have 3 months to make significant improvement. On day 1 of the 90 day challenge, in terms of routine, I accomplished 25% of what I would normally want to accomplish on a Sunday. As I am doing things in a little bit of a different order, by the time I end up going to bed, I will probably end up accomplishing 5 more things off my list which will make it 35% on day 1! I am going to try my best to take some time daily at the end of the day to just reflect on the day and if there is not too much time left, to atleast share how much percentage I accomplished that day.

This is it for now. Good night everyone!

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