Jasdeepsjourney’s 90 Day Challenge

Jasdeeps Journey’s 90 Day Challenge (March 1 2020-May 30th 2020)

For everyone who said ‘yes’ to my yesterday’s poll, this is for you & to everyone else: you should join in too 🙂

Some background: I came up with my first challenge on @Jasdeepsjourney when I really needed more motivation to pursue my own goals. That’s kind of how it began and since last December, I’ve successfully completed a couple challenges of different durations and shared daily updates on @jasdeepsjourney’s stories. 

I truly believe that life is way too short to keep living each day without trying to better myself. I don’t always live this truth because it isn’t easy. So that’s how I kind of came up with the idea of challenging myself and sharing it on social media so that I can be accountable, easily track my progress, stay motivated and be consistent with it. From my own experience, I can say it really does work. Life somehow becomes easier to manage when you turn it into a series of challenges and stop beating yourself up for not meeting your own expectations. If you don’t succeed, you just try again. There is no time limits, no competitions, no judgements, no rules. You get to have the rest of your life – how much ever life God has given you- to keep challenging yourself everyday to be better. It can be as simple as that – if you allow it to be.

I used to set goals and then lose motivation when I couldn’t keep up with it. But ever since I started taking life as one challenge at a time, it has become so much better. I have learnt to be much kinder to myself and it has honestly gotten easier. I allow myself to have ‘off’ days. I make my own rules and set my own goals (and challenges:)). It’s your own life. There is really no competition, except with yourself, so you simply take it at your own pace and challenge yourself to maybe 1 small thing at a time. I started my first challenge with adding one positive activity (hot yoga) to my life. I focused on only this one thing for many weeks. After 3 months, I have engraved it into my schedule and now I can think about adding something new in. 

This is what this new 90 day challenge is about also. I originally launched jasdeepsjourney/project me right before by 26th birthday because I wanted to gift myself progress on my journey to a healthier, happier & more purposeful life which includes physical, emotional, mental & spiritual wellness. It was something I had wanted for myself for a long time and something which I couldn’t make happen before. It has finally started to happen. I’m not exactly where I want to be – physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, but I have made a huge amount of progress – more than I have ever made before and that’s what really counts. I decided to do a 90 day challenge this time because it just happens to be a new week, a new month (and I’m always extra motivated when it’s a new anything because it’s always a chance for another fresh start) and approximately 90 days till my 27th birthday so I am excited to see what (and how much) I can accomplish for myself as a birthday present before I start the 27th year of life. 

Thank you to all of you who have followed my journey thus far. I appreciate the support and motivation and I hope that from my experience, you will be inspired to start your own journey to a healthier, happier & more purposeful life. Here’s to making the most out of life as possible, reaching our highest potential & fulfilling our purpose – which we are allowed to figure out, on the way. 

Follow @jasdeepsjourney for more 🙂

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