Re-prioritizing & Refocusing: Life & Goals

I want to start managing and organizing my life and days in little chunks. Initially, the plan was to work on the last 45 days of this year together as one big goal/project. I want to kickstart working on my goals that I usually plan all the time: every new years, every birthday, every time it’s a new week, or a new month, or a new quarter. Everytime it’s a ‘new’ something, I feel extra motivated to completely change and transform my current life into my ideal life. However, It’s something I always think about without much progress. So, when I realized a couple days ago, that I have over 45 days left of this year, I realized what tremendous changes and improvements I can make in 45 days, especially if I make time to reflect on each day and that’s how this plan came into my mind. 

I do not want to wait till new years to set my goals/resolutions. I do not want to waste another day to start making real progress on my goals. I rather start now, 45 days in advance, so that when it is new years, I will already have accomplished goals I would have otherwise set as new years resolutions – which I basically forget about every year anyways. Jasdeeps Journey is about a permanent life change. It’s something I have already invested a lot of time and energy thinking about, writing about, reflecting about, analyzing, making plans for, etc. I basically want to start implementing everything now. I realized I can keep talking about it but I need to transform all this energy into actually doing something. 

The overall idea is to start adding things to my daily routine that I have wanted for a long time but didn’t yet make happen. Yesterday was day 1/45 – and I worked on finalizing a daily routine checklist (which I worked on and mentioned about a month ago). I broke this checklist into 6 parts (morning, work, lunch, evening, night and ‘extras’). It’s basically a list of what I want to do during each part of the day. It is to help me live my life in a better way and so that I can prioritize the little things that are important to me and important for my physical, emotional, mental & spiritual health.

Today was day 2/45 but I decided that instead of looking at 45 days as one big project, I rather group together fewer days at a time to make this a little bit easier for me to manage and track and see progress. I decided to group together this week, Monday-Friday. So today was day 1/5. I focused on my physical health today, and what I have decided to do is create an ‘Exercise & Fitness Journal’ portion on my blog, that I can add to everyday. This way, I will have all my thoughts and reflections in one spot and I can go through this to track, monitor, progress, etc. on my fitness journey.

Stay tuned for my first post in the Exercise & Fitness Journal and for my Daily Routine Checklist – which I will post soon.

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