Green Cucumber & Apple Juice

I don’t have many new juice recipes today. I pretty much followed the same schedule as yesterday. I started the day off with warm lemon water. I followed that up, several hours later, with my usual morning Orange, Carrot & Beet Juice. I followed that up with coconut water. And coming to my last juice of today, I changed it up a bit today from yesterday’s green juice. It was absolutely delicious. I would definitely make this exact same version again and again and again.


  • 3 small red apples
  • 1 lime
  • ¼ lemon
  • 3/4 large cucumber
  • 5-6 pieces of lettuce
  • A big handful of spinach 
  • Big handful of cilantro
  • Big handful of parsley

Definitely give this recipe a try. It really tastes amazing. It is one of my favourite combinations.

In terms of how my juice diet went today: it went very well. Again, I had no temptations to eat and hardly any hunger strikes. It’s actually incredible how not-hungry I feel. Juice is so satisfying. And as a bonus, today I was able to wear a fitted dress to work… something I usually avoid unless I feel like my stomach is flat enough. Well. just after one day of the juice diet, I felt confident enough to wear it, so that was definitely an added bonus. Now I know what to do, the next time I feel like wearing this dress but don’t feel comfortable enough in my own skin.

In terms of exercise, I haven’t done any today as I was at work all day and then had to go for a grocery run. I might take Mayhem for a short walk later but other than that, it was an easy relaxed non-active day.

I had a thought earlier, as I was drinking this last juice that maybe I should just continue drinking juice. Why switch to food when I feel so great with fresh juice. When it comes to juice, I’m able to know exactly what I need and when I need it and how big of a portion. I feel like you can’t really over-drink because it won’t fit in the glass anymore. But with food, it doesn’t come with these kind of conditions. I can always fit more food in my container, or plate. And if it tastes good, I always want to go for seconds and sometimes even for thirds. And you receive so many food offers in a day. It’s so easy to give in. No one ever offers you fresh juice, so there’s my point about how it’s easy to avoid over-drinking. But you can’t really do that with juice. It really teaches mindfulness – something I am trying to bring into my life. Hopefully I will be able to find some sort of balance and continue mindfulness as I transition my diet from juice to solid foods, eventually, because obviously it’s not realistic enough to do this forever… I’m going to eventually want to eat!

Hubby is coming back tomorrow evening, earlier than expected. Hopefully I will be able to keep this diet up and not get caught up in any temptations with him (always a possibility with him!).

Stay tuned for one more day of my 3 day juice diet, unless I decide to cut it short or extend it. I will keep you posted.

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