Watermelon Juice

My third and final juice of day 1 3-day juice cleanse was simple and delicious watermelon juice. I simply juiced 1/4 of a large watermelon and filled a huge smoothie cup worth of juice and enjoyed!

So it’s the end of the day and that means day 1 of the 3 day juice cleanse was a success. I managed to stay focussed and drink juice only. I did keep myself fairly busy and didn’t think of food. I am used to going on juice cleanses so I don’t ever have the temptation to eat, anymore.

My first juice cleanse back in 2016 took about 3-4 attempts before it was successful because I always got tempted to eat something. It’s been a great journey of juices cleanses since then and I am excited to document the journey of this one.

In terms of exercise, I didn’t do much today. I did however just come from a 1 hour walk with Mayhem. Overall, I felt good today. I didn’t get hungry at all in between juices except after the 2nd juice. My trick is usually to keep drinking water when I feel hungry because that delays the time in between juices. If I feel hungry before bed, I might come down and have another coconut water. Other than that, today was a good and productive day.

Every time I do a juice cleanse, I realize I don’t actually need as much food as I eat. In fact, I feel better, more energetic and fresh with less. Today was a good example. I had 3 juices, 1 lemon water and coconut water all day and I didn’t even get hungry. That means the days that I eat half a large pizza, I really am overeating. I think my goal after the juice cleanse is to eat more mindfully. I think it’s a disadvantage to myself when I overeat.

I think I believe more in ‘eating to live’ than ‘living to eat’. I do like to eat – a lot. But I think it’s more about a balance. You can still ‘live to eat’ in an ‘eat to live’ way by simply enjoying smaller portions of food. I’ve always heard that and read that everywhere when searching how to lose weight, be healthier, etc. Sometimes less is more and I think that’s the case with food. And I hope I will continue to remember that after these 3 days are over!

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