Pre, During & Post Juice-Cleanse: Tips, Do’s & Don’ts, and more

What to do pre-juice cleanse

  • Ease into it by eating mostly fruits and vegetables for 1-2 days before the cleanse, depending on how bad your eating habits are (I eat mostly clean on a daily basis, so I don’t usually spend more than a day to prepare for the cleanse)
  • Do your groceries to prepare for the 3 days ahead

My pre-juice cleanse diet (Saturday, October 26, 2019)

  • Today, I prepared for my cleanse by starting the day with warm lemon water
  • I followed that up with a big glass of fresh juice (apple, lemon, carrot, beet, ginger, turmeric)
  • Blueberries as a snack
  • 1 ‘green’ roti for lunch (I usually try to avoid wheat on my pre-cleanse day but my mom phoned me up and convinced me there would be way more greens in her roti than wheat, and I just couldn’t resist)
  • A little bit of gajrela (Indian carrot-based pudding) with minimum sugar (also temptation from my mom who happened to be making fresh gajrela today)
  • Fresh out of the coconut water 
  • A handful of walnuts as a snack
  • Vegan green protein power shake (powder+water)

Things that have helped me succeed at the juice cleanse in the past

  • Tell your family in advance of your intention to make sure that they will support you
  • Plan in advance!
    • Stay away from temptations
    • Try to do it during a time that you will be busy so you won’t have much time to think about food 

What to do during the juice cleanse

  • Stay hydrated and ‘full’ with water in between the juices
  • Take an enema to really make the most out of your juice cleanse
  • Don’t do any crazy workouts or exercise and if you do, make up for it by having more juices
    • The last time I did a juice cleanse, I had about 3 juices + 1 glass of warm lemon water + 1 glass of coconut water a day but didn’t exercise at all, except for short walks. This time, I have pre-scheduled swimming classes… I will probably drink more juice than I did during my last juice cleanse to make up for this fact
  • Have as many juices as you need to stay satisfied (please do not restrict yourself to a certain number of juices)
  • Make it any size you want. I typically like to choose the biggest glass in my kitchen and fill that up because the more juice I have, the longer it sustains me and I can stay satisfied longer in between juices
  • Mix it up and make sure you are having different juices each time
  • Only juice the fruits and vegetables that go well together (I’ve done the opposite and TRUST ME it wasn’t worth it)
    • I will share all my recipes during the cleanse 
  • Drink your juices very slowly: 1 sip at a time, savouring each sip
  • Have juice & have fun!

What to do post-juice cleanse 

  • Ease out of it the same way you eased in
    • Don’t start eating huge meals after the cleanse
    • Spend atleast 1 day having mostly fruits and vegetables and more juices
  • Feel refreshed and energetic!

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