Ready to reset my internal health system

I occasionally go on a 3-day juice cleanse. It’s exactly what it sounds like: 3 days where all you eat and drink is fresh juice. Every time I do the juice cleanse, I always do a quick google search on pre- and post-juice cleanse do’s and don’ts, and usually look over some recipes and ideas. This time I want to start putting everything (including my own recipes) on my blog, so i’ll have it for next time. I know from experience, that you are supposed to ease into a juice cleanse. 

I learnt a lot about doing a juice cleanse from my father-in-law who really believes in Nature Cure and Naturopathy. Nature cure is a way of promoting health and healing using diet and nutrition; It’s the belief that the human body has the ability to heal itself of any kind of health problem(s). There is controversy around this – but in my family, we know from experience that it works. My FIL cured my SIL’s tumour with nature cure. Doctors were amazed and couldn’t believe it. So I trust this method 100%.

Recently, I’ve been feeling like my internal system is out of whack. I have been allowing myself a bit too many chocolates and sweets, along with a lot of overeating because of too many family dinners recently and I am just ready to reset my health system. That’s what a juice cleanse is for me – a reset button. If I have been making more unhealthy choices than I typically like to allow myself, and I want to get back to my usual healthy routine, a juice-cleanse ensures that I will be motivated to stay on track post-juice cleanse. It is 3 days of work and you wouldn’t want to waste that effort.

So, I will begin my juice cleanse tomorrow. It’s just good timing for me right now. My husband is out of the country until Wednesday morning and starting it tomorrow gives me 1 day of pre-juice cleanse diet and it allows me to finish the night before he comes back. Plus, when he’s back, we will both be on the same track to focus on healthy eating – as he started his personal fitness challenge on Oct 24th. I usually just do my 3 day juice cleanses without reflecting or thinking about how I feel before, during and after the cleanse. Because now I have this blog that I’ve always wanted, this time, I will try to share as much of my 3 day juice cleanse journey as I can: reflections, my experiences (past and present), feelings, results, any tips and tricks, do’s and don’ts, fresh juice recipes, how to ease into it, etc.

Stay tuned for more.

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