Why I want to blog

I’ve finally been able to word together a list of reasons why I want to blog. I might add to this list as i expand on the scope, but for now this list sums up the purpose of my blog.

  • To manage my life
  • To document, track and progress on my fitness, health, spiritual, mental & emotional journey
  • To create a platform where I can look back, assess, monitor etc.
  • To gather, clarify, express, record and share my thoughts, feelings, knowledge, ideas and experiences
    • To get my creative juices flowing
    • To get clarity and a deeper understanding
    • To give myself an outlet
    • To keep an inventory
    • To contribute to the wealth of knowledge found on the world wide web
  • To improve, help, change, empower myself
  • To stay accountable
  • To stay motivated
  • To refocus
  • To organize
  • To learn and to reinforce what I learn
  • To connect and to stay connected with myself
  • To relax, unwind and de-stress
  • To be happier and more productive
  • To develop writing and communication skills
  • To develop technical skills

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