Hello All & Welcome to my Blog (officially)

I first launched this blog in March of this year but before I actually got a chance to use it/be active on it, I switched to mostly Insta (@jasdeepsjourney) because I felt like writing blog posts was going to be more time consuming at the time and I thought it’d be easier to fulfill a similar purpose using Instagram. I was dedicatedly active on insta for a couple months, before I stopped using it completely.

The original purpose of ‘jasdeepsjourney’ (on this blog and on Insta) was to use it to manage a project I called ‘Project Me’. When I first started this blog, I was at a time where I felt like I needed to make my physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health a priority. I thought if I treated my life and health like a project, I would make time to ‘work’ on it, thus making progress. I was right because when I used jasdeepsjourney, I actually made progress on Project Me. I have the insta stories archive to look back on and see that it worked (for the duration that I used it). Essentially, Project Me is about living a healthier, happier and more purposeful life through taking care of my physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. 

I took a bit of a break, but I am officially back on track and motivated to progressing on Project Me. Jasdeepsjourney and Project Me have an infinite number of purposes for me. Right now, this is a place for me to gather, clarify, express, record and share my thoughts. Life is a blessing. Before I typed this, I first typed ‘life is hard’. And then I realized, that was the wrong way to think. I have a tendency to think negatively and that’s affected my life in very negative ways. This is why I started Project Me in the first place. I realized that no one but myself is responsible for my feelings and moods and no one but myself can help me. I have to help myself and it first starts with accepting that I have issues and accepting that I need to deal with them. Putting this out here in plain words is me accepting myself and now I can hopefully move forward and start making progress.

Life really is a blessing and I want to get in the mindset of always treating it like such. Most of the time, when I have random thoughts about anything and everything related to life, I write them on the Notes app on my iPhone to reflect on them later. Right now, I have millions of thoughts to go through and organize and one of the purposes of my blog is to get all my thoughts (and my life) organized. To conclude my official welcome post, I want to share one of the thoughts that was recorded on my notes: “God has given us such an amazing machine (our body) which is capable of so much. I think most of us take for granted our body and our life and don’t even realize what we are or can be capable of and since we never make time to really think about it, we end up living a mediocre life without truly reaching our highest potential or fulfilling our purpose.” This is insight into my mind, my life, Project Me, and jasdeepsjourney. I think I’m going to go meditate on this now.

Thanks for reading & stay tuned for more : )

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