Communication after conflict

“I prioritise relatonships, I initiate conversation soon after an argument.”

March 18, 2019

Good morning,

When there is an argument or conflict, some of us stop talking to each other. The days or weeks of communication breakdown is unhealthy because we cling on to negative thoughts and it depletes everyone. Sit back and prepare yourself to return to normal conversations immediately after an argument.

  • I am a caring being. 
  • I take care of myself.
  • I take care of family, friends, colleagues.
  • I understand them.
  • They understand me.
  • Our relationships are in harmony.
  • Sometimes, there is a difference of opinion.
  • I understand it is natural to differ.
  • Each of us is attached to our idea of right.
  • Sometimes, I’m not able to understand their perspective.
  • I know their right but with a different opinion.
  • I remain calm and respond.
  • Even if we are unable to resolve our differences, I remain calm.
  • I keep the issue aside for the time being.
  • I clear my mind.
  • I return to my normal behavior.
  • I ease the energy of the scene, the environment, as if nothing has happened.
  • I radiate respect to them by being my natural self.
  • Being normal after an argument is my nature, always and with everyone.

Repeat this affirmation 3 times to end the heavy silence after a conflict. Compassion and forgiveness become natural for you. Remind yourself:

  • I keep my relationships healthy.
  • I talk to people immediately after an argument.

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