Separate Love From Expectations

“I accept people completely even if they are not my way.”

March 17, 2019

Good morning,

We often expect people to be and do things which are consistent with our own qualities, values and goals. If someone meets our expectations, we believe they love us. We even believe they will satisfy all our wishes because they love us. And the day they fall short or do not meet our needs for any reason, we get hurt. Sit back and prepare your mind to accept people when they don’t fulfill your wishes.

  • I am a loveful being.
  • Love is who I am.
  • Love is what I have, not what I want.
  • I am love.
  • I radiate love to all.
  • I radiate love unconditionally.
  • I have pure intentions for people.
  • I advise them, I request them to change.
  • They love me. 
  • They respect me.
  • They trust my intentions. But sometimes I’m not able to do as I say.
  • I understand them. They love me but do not agree with my advice.
  • They are not willing to change.
  • Sometimes they like my advice, they want to change, but are unable to do so immediately.
  • They trust me. They love me. But are unable to implement my suggestion.
  • I am stable.
  • I radiate unconditional love.
  • I continue to advise them.

Repeat this affirmation 3 times. Detach love from expectations, understanding people and accepting them. Remind yourself:

  • I give suggestions without expectations.
  • People love me even if they cannot implement what I say.

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