Give Feedback Without Criticism

“I am polite and understanding, when giving feedback.”

March 16, 2019

Good morning,

We hold the purest intention for everyone, but sometimes we criticize people when they are not our way. Criticism has vibrations of anger and rejection. It creates hurt in the one being criticized. It also depletes our inner power. Sit back and prepare your mind to give feedback and share your opinion with respect.

  • I am a compassionate being.
  • I think right.
  • I speak right.
  • I behave right.
  • I work right.
  • I live right.
  • I have pure intentions for family, friends, colleagues, people around me.
  • I understand they are different from me: different personalities, different ways of thinking, speaking, behaving, working. 
  • They are in their comfort zone.
  • They are beautiful people but some ways of being and working are not right. 
  • I respect them. 
  • I understand them. 
  • I value the beautiful qualities they have.
  • I share my opinion on what I believe they need to change.
  • I instruct and discipline when needed.
  • I radiate an energy of respect.
  • Understanding that they are right from their perspective, I focus only on what they need to change.
  • My energies are right.
  • My words are polite.
  • I empower them to change.

Repeat this affirmation 3 times to understand people and respect them. You will shift from controlling and authoritative ways to being compassionate and caring. You will increase your ability to appreciate people. Remind yourself:

  • I correct people using correct energies and right words.

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