Handling Criticism Gracefully

“I take only feedback, I don’t consume the energy of criticism.”

March 15, 2019

Good morning,

Regardless of the form it takes or the intentions behind it, criticism can be difficult to accept. But if we learn how to deal with it, we can face it with ease. A large part of criticism directed towards us is not in our control but how we respond to it is always our choice. Sit back and train your mind to face criticism with stability and dignity.

  • I am a powerful being.
  • I create pure thoughts, respectful words, right behavior. 
  • I have clean intentions.
  • I work to the best of my capacity.
  • People around me have different perspectives, opinions, about how I need to be and what I need to do.
  • Sometimes, when sharing their feedback, people are rude.
  • They criticize me. I understand them. It’s their perspective about me. Their words reflect their opinion. 
  • Their energy of criticism reflects their personality.
  • I check if their feedback is good for me.
  • If it’s for my betterment, I accept it. If not, I release it.
  • I remain untouched by their energy.
  • I understand their disturbed mind.
  • It’s not about me, it’s about them.
  • I remain stable.
  • I am a powerful being.

Repeating this affirmation 3 times helps you to look at criticism in a new light. When you see that emotionally disturbed people find it difficult to appreciate, you will deal with it by radiating compassion for them. Remind yourself:

  • I know myself well. 
  • I remain stable when someone criticizes me. 
  • It’s about them.

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