Be Yourself Always

“I use my values consistently, no matter how someone behaves.”

March 13, 2019

Good morning,

Each of us was taught to be kind to everyone around us, but we often reflect on peoples behaviours. We are nice to people when they are nice to us; if they wrong us, in small or big ways, we react in the name of tit for tat. Sit back and check how you use your values of love, kindness, and compassion, no matter how others treat you.

  • I am a loveful being.
  • I radiate my qualities of respect, kindness, care, compassion in every thought, word, behavior. It is who I am, always with everyone.
  • My thoughts, my behaviour, is based only and only on my personality, untouched by situations, unaffected by peoples behaviours.
  • People behave according to their personality, their perspective, their mood. It’s their choice. I remain untouched by their energies.
  • I remain stable.
  • I respond through my personality.
  • I reflect my kindness and respect always.
  • If I need to be assertive, take disciplinary action, I do it with dignity. 
  • I always stand for the right, I’m ready to stand alone.
  • I may be criticized or ridiculed. I stand for the right, always.

Repeat this affirmation 3 times. Holding on to your qualities when you are tempted to copy their wrong behaviour, increases your willpower. Remind yourself, irrespective of my environment and people, I use my beautiful qualities in every situation.

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