Your Relationship With Time

“I value everyone’s time, so time always cooperates with me.”

March 11th, 2019

Good morning,

We all know someone who frequently arrives late and blames slow traffic or a car breakdown for the delay. Punctuality needs to be a habit. Punctuality is not only about our own on time presence, but also about respecting peoples time. Sit back and reinforce your ability to respect time and be punctual.

  • I am a wise being.
  • I respect myself.
  • I respect people.
  • I respect time.
  • I share a beautiful relationship with time.
  • I value time.
  • Time takes care of me.
  • My every thought, every word, every action is pure.
  • I utilize my time with sincerity.
  • I prioritize my responsibilities.
  • I take care of myself so that I am my best at every moment.
  • Time is used in the right manner.
  • I begin every task with a one minute silence.
  • I prepare my mind for the task.
  • I radiate the right vibrations to the task, to the people involved.
  • I complete the task successfully, before time.
  • I save time.
  • I am ready for the next task.
  • I’m always ahead of time.
  • I’m relaxed, at ease.
  • Punctuality comes natural to me.
  • I always arrive 15 minutes before time.
  • I always stick to my commitments.
  • I respect peoples time.
  • Time and me are in harmony.

Repeat this affirmation 3 times to enhance your time management skills. Punctuality is more than just a habit. Apart from building a reputation, you also remain stress-free by eliminating the uneasiness about getting late.

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