Create Your Own Destiny

“I create a destiny of happiness and health with right karmas.”

March 10th, 2019

Good morning,

Our every thought, word and action are the energy we send out to the world, which is our karma. Every karma has a consequence which we call destiny. To create a beautiful destiny we need to pay constant attention to our karma. Sit back and visualize yourself creating only right karmas.

  • I am a wise being
  • I create the right thoughts, right words, right behaviours, right karmas, always.
  • Everything happening in my life is a consequence of a past karma.
  • I accept every situation, every persons behavior.
  • I take personal responsibility.
  • It is a consequence of a past karma.
  • I focus on the present.
  • My response to evert situation, irrespective of what comes to me, I create only the right energy.
  • I create only the right karma.
  • I face the consequence of my past.
  • I create my present.
  • I secure my future.
  • Power is in my present karma.
  • I remain stable in every situation.
  • I respond with ease.
  • I accept every person, focus on their qualities, compassion towards everyone’s behavior.
  • Irrespective of how people behave with me, I respond the right way.
  • I focus on my karma.
  • I give selflessly in every interaction.
  • It is my highest karma.
  • My values and principles are the foundation of my every karma.
  • I choose the right karma.
  • I create a secure destiny.

Repeat this affirmation 3 times to pay attention to build on a profitable karmic balance sheet. You will take personal responsibility of everything you think, speak and do.

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