Reinforce Healthy Habits

“I convert good intentions to reality with the power of habits.”

March 9th, 2019

Good morning,

As the saying goes: first we make our habits and then our habits make us. Most of us create great habits but we are not great at sustaining them until they are engrained into our lifestyle. Sit back and visualize how you execute your good habits each day consistently.

  • I am a powerful being.
  • I am the master of my mind, the master of my sense organs.
  • I do everything that is right for me.
  • I create healthy habits.
  • I choose one habit, I visualize every morning, the habit is part of my personality.
  • It is my reality.
  • I set a schedule for the next week.
  • I visualize the habit in my daily routine, for a week.
  • I release past experiences.
  • I release people’s opinion about me.
  • I am certain of creating a successful habit.
  • Every hour, I pause for one minute, revise the thought, the habit is a part of my lifestyle.
  • Irrespective of whatever is my schedule, whatever may be the turn of events, I will not compromise on the new habit.
  • This habit is my priority.
  • I value my happiness.
  • I value my health.
  • Creating a good habit is simple for me.

Repeat this affirmation 3 times to make a difference to your ways of thinking, being and living. Establishing a fixed routine with living your habits increases your self-control. Remind yourself:

  • I am a powerful being.
  • Consistently executing right habits is easy for me.

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