The Power Of 1 Minute

“I pause after every hour to silence my mind and recharge it.”

March 8th, 2019

Good morning,

Thoughts create our destiny, so we cannot afford even a single wrong thought. To program the mind with right thinking patterns we can pause for a minute after every hour to give the mind rest and to charge it with powerful thoughts. Sit back and check how you regulate the traffic of thoughts in your mind.

  • I am a powerful being.
  • I choose my thoughts of who I want to be.
  • I begin my morning with 5 minutes of affirmation along with visualization, affirmations like: I am a peaceful being, a happy being.
  • I visualize myself peaceful, happy, in every situation today.
  • I pause every hour for a minute.
  • I rest my mind.
  • I check my thoughts.
  • I clean my mind.
  • I revise my morning affirmation and visualize it.
  • 1 minute every hour is my time, whether I am at home or at work or anywhere, I take my 1 minute break to check, change and create the right thoughts.
  • I energize my mind.
  • I relax my body.
  • I understand people’s perspective.
  • I understand the situation.
  • 1 minute gives me clarity, focus, concentration.
  • I spend the next 59 minutes stable, peaceful, powerful.
  • I spend 5 minutes preparing my mind with right thoughts before I go to sleep.
  • I take care of my mind.

Repeat this affirmation 3 times to stabilize your mind by creating powerfully positive thoughts. When a situation unfolds, you won’t need to create right thoughts. The mind automatically starts thinking right.

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