Owning Up To Your Mistakes

“I accept feedback without getting defensive.”

March 7th, 2019

Good morning,

We often justify our mistakes, fearing consequences and fearing being labelled wrong. Owning up our mistakes, apologizing and transforming, almost always earns us acceptance and respect. Sit back and prepare your mind to accept your mistakes in your thoughts and behaviours.

  • I am a wise being.
  • In every scene, I create the right thoughts, words, behaviours.
  • I am honest and sincere, as I fulfill my responsibility.
  • I perceive every situation through my nature.
  • I do my best in every scene.
  • I may receive a critical feedback for what I have said or done.
  • I am stable.
  • I listen to the feedback as a detached observer.
  • I remain silent.
  • I understand their perspective is different from mine.
  • I know their intentions are good for me.
  • It’s for my betterment.
  • They respect me.
  • I respect them.
  • I am silent.
  • I understand what they say.
  • I detach from my perspective.
  • I see their perspective.
  • I accept that my way may not be the best way.
  • I accept I could have done it differently.
  • I am grateful for their feedback.
  • I apologize for my mistake.
  • I don’t blame anyone.
  • I take complete responsibility.
  • I respect them.
  • I respect myself.

Repeat this affirmation 3 times to start acknowledging mistakes. Accepting responsibility for your actions, makes you alert and wiser. Remind yourself

  • I am an honest being.
  • I come out stronger by understanding and accepting my mistakes.

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