Have Your Roots in Truth

“I honour truth and speak the truth fearlessly.”

March 6th, 2019

Good morning,

Truth is our original quality but from time to time we take to lying for our own convenience or short term gains. Each time we speak a lie, we experience discomfort because our inner voice warns us that we are moving against who we are. Sit back and see how you make truth as the foundation of your core ethics and principals.

  • I am an honest being.
  • I create the right thoughts.
  • I am clear in my mind.
  • I express it as it is on my mind.
  • I express it with clarity.
  • I say it with respect.
  • My thoughts and words are in harmony.
  • Speaking the truth in every situation, with everyone, comes natural to me.
  • I have my reason for what I am thinking.
  • I respect my reason.
  • I say it as it is.
  • If I’m required to give a feedback about an issue or a person, I share my opinion with vibrations of respect.
  • I do not hide. 
  • I do not pretend.
  • I do not misrepresent facts.
  • I do not fear anything.
  • I live my life on my principals of truth and righteousness.
  • I do not need to prove my truth.
  • I only live my truth.
  • Truth does not need to be proved.
  • Truth has the power to reveal itself.
  • I am an honest being.

Repeat this affirmation 3 times to define who you are to yourself and to others. It earns you respect and trust from everyone. It keeps you free from the baggage of pretense.

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