Demonstrate Care, Not Control

“I guide and instruct people. I don’t control them.”

March 5, 2019

Good morning.

Whenever we complain about someone not being our way, we essentially imply that if we could control them, we could have guaranteed better results. Control radiates dominance. Influence radiates care. Sit back and visualize yourself influencing people with your vibrations.

  • I am a powerful being.
  • I am in charge of my every thought, word, behavior.
  • Family, friends, colleagues: I respect them all.
  • They are different from me.
  • Their nature, words, behaviours, ways of working are different from me.
  • I see them now.
  • I bring them on the screen of my mind.
  • I see them being their way.
  • I watch as a detached observer.
  • They are comfortable being that way.
  • It comes natural to them.
  • I see myself, silent, withdraw from my habit to interfere, to correct them.
  • I remain silent.
  • It’s only a different way.
  • It’s their right way.
  • I politely share my suggestion, my opinion of doing it another way.
  • I respect their way.
  • I suggest my way.
  • If they continue being their way, I remain calm.
  • I understand them.
  • I do not need them to be my way.
  • I continue being my way.
  • I radiate vibrations of my behavior, my polite words, and my respect to them.
  • I influence them with my stability.

Repeat this affirmation 3 times to withdraw from the urge to control people. Remind yourself:

  • I am a powerful being.
  • People can be their way.
  • I remain my way and influence them.

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