Need To Please Everyone?

“I approve of myself, I don’t seek people’s approval.”

March 1st, 2019

Good morning.

Getting approval for who we are and what we do feels nice. It tells us that people agree with what we are doing. But becoming dependent on public approval makes us people pleasers and does not allow us to live life on our terms. Sit back and prepare your mind to get to the roots of approval addiction and gain freedom.

  • I am a pure being.
  • I silence my mind to listen to my intuition.
  • My intuition gives me the answers, the directions in my life.
  • My conscience guides me: what is right, what is wrong.
  • I always follow my conscience.
  • Whether it is a small decision or a major life-changing decision, I silence my mind.
  • My mind is full of information of the world, perspectives of other people, public opinion of what is right. I silence my mind. 
  • I listen to my conscience. 
  • I seek the approval of my conscience.
  • I take the right decision for me.
  • I do not need approval from people.
  • I do not need appreciation for my choice.
  • I am even ready for criticism or rejection.
  • I am even ready for criticism.
  • I am stable in rejection.
  • It is my decision based on my core values and principles.

Repeat this affirmation 3 times to approve of yourself. Life is simple when your self-worth is based only on your choices, not on people’s approval. Remind yourself:

  • I am a wise being.
  • I am not dependent on people’s validation or approval of my choice.

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